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May 28, 2010


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Lori Duke

WOOOO HOOO!!! Call me when you get here. Let's go to lunch!


Good luck to you! I moved with two little boys once (and it was only 20 minutes away).

Rachel L

Wow - this is big news! Any details about why? I hope we'll get to see you in Austin the next time we're there - or even in dc! Speaking of which, I think the whole family is going to be in Austin this December - we'll have to discuss.

Helen Gaebler

Good luck with the move. It's hard no matter when, where, how, or why. From our vantage point, though, it's great to think you'll be here soon. Tell Gus that Hazel is really eager to hang out with him, and I with you. Call if you need anything.


I am really glad for you. Moving sucks and preparing for moving sucks, to be sure, but I am glad you're going home.

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