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September 14, 2009


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kristin n

But Gus needs sugar for his hiccups!

Special occasions aside, are you trying to not eat anything with sugar or other sweeteners in it at all? That's going to be very challenging. What about some sort of compromise like you don't cook with sugar or use something like agave nectar (although it is quite pricey) and then try to buy only things that have less than a certain amount of grams/serving of sugar??

I just made marinara from scratch today (it was either that or I was going to let the kids start smashing tomatoes against the stone wall) and I added some sugar at the end. I thought to myself, do I really need to add sugar to this but I did. I'm sure I didn't need to do that though.

This is an excellent topic to think about. Thanks for raising the issue.


We decided to do something similar recently, it was when I realized how much sugar I was getting just from all the sweet tea I started to drink over the summer. We decided to have desert only after dinner and to make it fruit or something similar 5 nights a week with sweeter treats on Monday and Tuesday nights. The real clincher for me was a few days in when I was feeling sorry for myself and decided to have a brownie during my daughter's nap. I was a raging beast for the rest of the afternoon and it really highlighted for me just what all that sugar was doing to us.
As for tips, I find that most cookie and quick bread types of recipes you can cut the sugar in half or more, especially as you get used to less and if there is fruit in it (so either berries, etc as a mix in or using bananas or apple sauce as part of your wet ingredients). I'm also finding that things I thought needed sugar really don't, like oatmeal. We just add fruit and plain whole milk yogurt and sometimes cinnamon and it's great.
I do like to have muffins or graham crackers or something with just a little sweetness for us to have as an afternoon snack, I'm just trying to work out recipes that use less sugar.


While, I haven't cut sugar out completely I have tried to cut down. And when I'm pregnant, I try to eat almost no sugar. There are a few simple ways to get rid of sugar, and yes when you start checking labels you are going to find sugar is in everything.

Here is what I do:
1. No coffee - I only do this when I'm really hardcore like when I'm pregnant because I have to have a little sugar in my coffee. Also if you have to have sugar in your tea, then quit tea.
2. Plain yogurt - everything else has sugar
3. Water as your only beverage - enough said
4. Make your own bread - almost all bread you buy at the store has sugar. Maybe not the artisan breads, but I would check just to be sure. So far I have't found a loaf of sandwich bread without sugar even at WF or TJ.
5. Fruit-sweetened jam - most jam is sweetened with sugar
6. No cereal - so many of these have sugar. I remember how I could only find one brand of Os for the baby that did not have any kind of sugar as an ingredient.
7. No crackers - again, a lot have sugar.

I think once you start to avoid desserts, you won't crave them as much and be out of your rut. You could also have a rule like the only desserts you can eat are homemade ones, which will also reduce your sugar intake because who has the time to make lots of homemade desserts?.

Keep us updated!

April Smith West

I read once that if you are really jonesing for sugar, you should eat a sour dill pickle. Apparently it will help with electrolytes or something and cut out the craving.

Also, I think it is important to have lots of fresh fruit on hand when going off sugar.

Sometimes I try only eating sweets away from the house (like dessert at a restaurant, or stopping for a cupcake or ice cream as a special treat) but then I don't always know the ingredients the way I would if I made them myself or bought them packaged.

for baking, I do sometimes substitute fruit juice concentrate (like frozen apple juice) for sugar, and I use agave nectar quite a bit. Processed foods have gotten out of hand here as Vivian has started taking lunch to school everyday, she is vociferously picky, and I am just now getting back into the swing of meal planning and preparing healthy meals. Good luck to you and thanks for the inspiration!

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