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March 18, 2010


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Oh, fun, Jonah would love a dump twuck. ;) One of my favorite toys as a kid was an old bedspread. My brother and I would roll around the back yard in it and slide down the stairs. Good times.

kristin n

if it has wheels, it will be a hit. one of my favorite childhood toys was a wooden school bus my brother and i used to ride around on. :)


You have seen my favorite toy!! my blankie which I still have.


My favorite childhood toy was my golden retriever. Endless fun!


We love trucks at our house, especially tough ones! My favorite toy was a doll, that I cut all of her hair off of so she could be a baby.


I loved my stuffed dog named "Dogan" He was as tall as I was and when I was 5 my grandma sewed a cape on him. He was super Dogan!


hay, I want the toy for my brother's son. his birthday is soon. my fev toys were the books, and now my girls also love books.


My favorite toy was a stuffed dog named "Henry". Everytime we went to the store I saw a 6' one up on the shelves, but alas he never came home with me... if my 2yo Henry grows up to be as tall as his daddy, maybe I'll finally get my 6' tall Henry!


My son would love to have that toy! When I was a kid I had this little doll which would dance. It ran on batteries and would go round and round. It is my favorite toy ever.


my favorite childhood toy was our backyard jungle gym, I could do flips on it for hours... I think back now and wonder how my mom managed not to have a nervous breakdown every time we played on the thing - we climbed up to the top and jumped off it, and we liked to shake it when my little brother was climbing...

Krista Pagan

That truck would be so perfect for my little one! I had many favorites ad a chld, but the first thing that came to mind was this piece of teal silky fabric from my mom's fabric stash. It was a cape, a dress, a mermaid tail, baby blanket, veil, sling for a "broken" arm, you name it, I made it with this fabric. Funny how sometimes its just the simple things that provide the most entertainment...
(please pick me! :) )

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